Sporting Life – 1st Past the Post Technical SEO

1. Summary

SkyBet’s Sporting Life site is one of the top sporting news sites in the UK, with a heritage that goes all the way back to the Victorian era.

To maintain and increase its reputation as a powerhouse in UK sports publishing under the Sky Bet umbrella, Sporting Life must continually reach new audiences and be at the forefront of sports news - and the Blueclaw team have been happy to help.

2. Brief

In 2017 the site was subject to a complete rebuild and Blueclaw were approached to manage all SEO aspects of the site migration. Working closely with development partners BJSS, the Blueclaw team consulted on the optimum structure and content of the new site to ensure the site followed all SEO best practice.

As a 12 year old site with significant search visibility, the site migration had to be carried out without a damaging drop in rankings and to make sure that Sporting Life would continue to be seen at the forefront of UK sport news.

3. Strategy

  • Comprehensive on-site and off-site SEO auditing
  • Disavow report and link health report
  • Consultancy into optimum website structure and content based on top performing pages
  • App optimisation for SEO
  • Accelerated Mobile Page best practice consultancy and delivery
  • Best practice on-site SEO support for all aspects of code

4. Results


  • Seamless transition to new site with no drop in rankings, and increases in priority pages
  • Enormous improvements in site speed and mobile performance
  • An energised and informed in-house content and editorial team at Sporting Life, equipped to write effectively for visitors, and search engines, on an ongoing basis.
  • 12 million indexed URLs
  • Visitor numbers now reaching between 500 and 700 thousand visits per day.