200,000+ eCommerce sites use Magento – but a great platform isn’t enough


Magento is the technology platform behind some of the world’s largest eCommerce sites but its breathtaking range of functionality and customisation, fuelled by a massive developer community,  means that shaping the platform to fit the specific requirements of your retail business takes serious thought.

The Blueclaw development and SEO teams are extremely experienced in Magento ecommerce site setup and optimisation for organic search – and there’s a lot to consider if you want to really excel in ecommerce.

Magento features, functionality and optimisation

Features: from adaptable catalogue, upsell and flexible pricing to discount/gift codes, stock control and remarketing. there are a wide range of Magento features to take advantage of. Configuring the right mix for your specific business is critical – every feature enabled should bring a visitor closer to becoming a customer…and Blueclaw can help.

SEO: Magento is a superb platform for SEO with great flexibility for content management, but many retailers fall behind in when optimising for new product lines – especially businesses with a large range of products.

User Experience and Shopping Cart Optimisation: Magento has a lot of handy ways to monitor customer visits to understand the customer journey. Applying this data consistently and confidently to improve the user experience and customer journey and highlight the products that are most likely to sell is key to maximising ROI. More than this, spotting weak links on the site where visitors choose to leave opens up the possibility for interventions to keep people on the page and point them in a better direction.

Integration: With so many integration options, it can be tempting to try a bit of everything. The Blueclaw team identifies and optimises the plugins and integration options that have an impact on maximising sales and customer insight – avoiding any that can be a drag on performance.




Magento optimisation: total technical understanding, and customer insight

A Blueclaw Magento optimisation strategy is based on a complete assessment of your products, competitors and customers to create a high performing ecommerce platform.

Our Magento setup and optimisation services include:

• Complete eCommerce performance and SEO audits, competitor analysis, benchmarking and ecommerce consultancy

• Customised tailoring of Magento to your business, guided by best practice in your industry and solid data

• Recommendations on features and integration options to improve site performance

• Mobile and technical performance – optimisation of ecommerce elements to enhance performance on mobile for improved user experience, and SEO value

• Magento SEO and content strategy – maximising visibility of products in organic search, backed up by an engaging and rigorous approach to quality on-site content.