We know that a successful Paid Search campaign needs to be constantly monitored, analysed and optimised. Our approach to this process is meticulous – we focus on enhancing our PPC campaigns to reduce costs and increase sales.

Our team’s creative strategies provide immediate impact from paid search expenditure and develop existing campaigns – taking them from successful to phenomenal – whatever the platform. With extensive experience using Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Advertising (which has integrated Instagram advertising), we are well versed in a range of biddable media platforms and in building successful, lasting strategies.

We combine data analysis, creativity, industry-leading third party and award-winning in-house technologies to deliver consistently exceptional results with brands across a range of competitive sectors. Add a good dollop of creativity into the mix and it is easy to understand why we deliver highly successful paid search campaigns.

PPC management encompasses strategy development, bid management, ad copy testing, re-marketing and the incorporation of ad extensions and tools.

PPC management is similar to a shop window on the high street but online, we want to present your business in the right frame to the right people, to encourage customers to walk into your business and buy.


1. Preparing the PPC Campaign

A PPC campaign audit is an essential goal on the road to building a successful PPC campaign. Our expert team ensures maximum efficiency, taking a truly in-depth look at campaigns, ad groups, account settings, and timings, before presenting findings in an easily actionable report. We don’t just lift the bonnet; we check every nut and bolt.

2. Running the PPC Campaign

Increased campaign efficiency is one of the key components of reduced CPAs in paid search. We analyse every aspect of our campaigns to ensure that the efficiencies are translated into ROI.

Search campaigns can be invaluable in developing and building brand exposure. Add display and remarketing into the mix and you will soon find yourself ahead of competitors where you will succeed in increasing your brand exposure.
Our regular, detailed reporting is tailored to your requirements and business needs, providing you with the insight required to make informed decisions about your paid search campaigns and providing an overview of consultancy activity on the campaign.

3. Campaign Specifics

We can help you make the most of Google Shopping from setting up your product feed to optimisation and custom bidding strategies. We will ensure your products are efficiently and effectively displayed in Google’s shop window.


Our multilingual PPC team have an extensive knowledge of developing paid search campaigns across multiple territories, with an in-depth knowledge of a host of markets, languages and cultures.
Our social media advertising team has a great deal of experience in getting the very best out of campaigns. We harness the additional targeting potential of social media to deliver traffic in a cost effective manner and build invaluable brand awareness.