Social media advertising provides laser-focused targeting at an unmissable cost per click.

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Social media advertising or paid social simply cannot be ignored – not least because there are bargains to be had in terms of customer acquisition costs.

Long established platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube benefit from truly laser focused targeted options related to pretty much any aspect of user data.

Added to this is the ever-present pressure for social media platforms to monetise more effectively. As they battle it out between each other to establish advertising credibility, marketers can benefit from some very competitive options.


Social media advertising

The range of social media advertising options available these days is good news for marketers – but advertising anywhere and everywhere is not the basis of a profitable strategy.

With the specific targeting options available on social media platforms, there’s no need either. Got a product that fans of Love Actually who are aged between 30 and 40 and enjoy holidays in Portugal will adore? You can target them.

Based on extensive industry research, customer insight, competitor analysis and budgetary modelling, we make solid suggestions to clients based on data to develop the perfect paid social strategy.

Advertising options are changing all the time as different social media platforms come into prominence and fade away (RIP, Vine..) so it’s vital to keep a close eye on risks and opportunities.


Our paid social managed service includes:

– Strategy development, KPI-setting and audience targeting.

– Bid strategy and ad design, specific to social media platforms from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to Snapchat, Instagram and beyond.

– Ongoing optimisation focused on maximising ROI, minimising cost-per-click while maintaining and increasing the volume of profitable traffic.