Great SEO can do wonders for a campaign, website or business. Poor SEO can lead to loss of business, missed targets or even penalties from Google that are time-consuming and costly to recover from. It is crucial to get it right the first time.

Our SEO service is data ­driven, evidence­ based and led by the most recent industry standard best practices. We pride ourselves on being innovative, up to date and accountable for achieving the best possible results in any of our campaigns.

We get it right the first time by following a proven process of preliminary research and strategy, expert implementation of on­ and off site SEO as well as offering more specialist SEO services wherever appropriate.


1. Preparing the Campaign

Before launching any SEO campaign, we undertake a full SEO consultancy and strategy audit of the client’s website, their current SEO ranking and their business goals. Whether the goal is to migrate to a new site, update SEO practices or simply serve and convert more visitors, we can help make it happen.

Keyword and market research are essential to a successful SEO campaign. We fully analyse our clients’ competition and select keywords for campaigns that help clients fulfil their business goals.

2. Running the Campaign

Our onsite and technical SEO service involves using software to crawl a client’s website in the same way that Google and other search engines would. We then make the necessary changes to the site’s hierarchy or architecture, page titles, meta descriptions, URL structure or other highlighted items to best fit Google’s best practice guidelines as well as employing the techniques we know work best for your user base.

Off Site SEO involves assessing a site’s link profile as well as those of your key competitors in order to see where organic search rankings can be improved. Our outreach and content teams can then secure relationships and attract the best possible backlinks for your site.

Between your dedicated account manager and the system of quarterly planning you will always know where our attentions are being focused well in advance. Should targets or KPIs change, our multi-disciplined team allows us to remain agile and responsive to changes in your industry and the wider organic search market.

3. Campaign Specifics

Do you know what percentage of your users are browsing your site using mobile devices or tablets? Mobile optimisation is now included in Google’s ranking algorithms, which is why we make sure our clients’ websites meet standards.

Local SEO puts your website in a position to be visible when users search on a local service, a very common search tactic on mobile phones while on the go. Good results in local search put you in a position to improve your results in national or international searches as well.

Schema and structured data allow us to increase semantic understanding of a site’s content to web crawlers such as the GoogleBot. They help search engines understand your site’s content contextually and thematically, and can promote rich, user focused data in key places such as the increasingly rich search engine results pages.

4. Specialist SEO

We have a very strong record of achieving excellent ecommerce SEO results with experience in enterprise level platforms such as Magento, X­cart amongst others.

We will provide a full architectural site audit as well as on page factors, off site and technical SEO tailored to meet the needs of ecommerce businesses.

Cost Effective multilingual SEO depends on content that works for a variety of markets. Able to target any international market, we will use in house expertise to target content and link earning strategies towards the right audiences in the right languages.

Google’s various Panda and Penguin updates have led to devastating penalties on certain websites that may have employed grey or black hat practices. We are particularly proud of our track record of removing Google’s manual and algorithmic penalties.