Understanding what makes an industry tick and what customers expect is a vital part of any marketing campaign and search marketing is no exception. For a conscientious SEO agency this takes the form of keyword and market research.

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Building Keyword Targets

Keyword research is performed in the early stages of a campaign and refreshed periodically to ensure that changes and developments in the target industry are kept up with and explored for new commercial opportunities.

It can act as the linchpin between both on-site and off-site SEO strategy and, crucially, allows us to provide clients or prospective clients with projections on performance and hard evidence to build meaningful KPIs around.
Keyword Opportunity Analysis Tool

Search Market Analysis

We apply the same approach to market research, which we see as our opportunity to get an intimate understanding of your business and your competitors. We will perform competitor analysis to understand your position in the market and how your strengths and weaknesses compare against your rivals in the online space.

Unique Keyword Research Tools

Assembling this data draws on our team’s combined years of experience in working for clients across every industry and niche as well as a suite of highly specialised tools which can provide us with fresh statistics and data down to the level of individual keywords.

Our in-house search tool MarketScout draws on data from a variety of industry leading tools (such as Majestic, Screaming Frog, DeepCrawl and Buzzsumo) and provides an easily digested but detailed report that reveals the gap between you and the front-runners in the market and, best of all, how we can help to close it.

We will also seek to understand your business goals, unique selling points and what makes your approach stand out – information which is invaluable for us when promoting your business and its values online.

Our Keyword Research Process