No longer restricted to simple old school link-building, off-site SEO is still one of the central pillars of organic search marketing.

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The-Content-Marketing-Planner-TemplateThe right links from the right influencers and publishers will power authority towards a website and this will ultimately rank it in top positions for various keywords.

We focus on building links from the mainstream and industry media outlets and blogs that are of genuine interest to your target audience that will achieve high rankings and, crucially, cement them for the long-term.

Understanding the art of the possible, setting realistic targets and developing strategies that will result in financially impactful outcomes is the basis of truly effective off-site SEO. Combined with on-site analysis, the starting point for off-site success is keyword research, and competitor analysis.


Keyword analysis and targets

Keyword research is performed in the early stages of a campaign and refreshed periodically to ensure that changes and developments in the target industry are kept up with and explored for new commercial opportunities.

It’s vital to take an objective approach to keywords – the keywords that you might think of as driving your most profitable traffic are not as effective as you might think. We remove all ambiguity to uncover the keyword terms that matter.

Keyword research is the lynchpin between both onsite and offsite SEO strategy and, crucially, allows us to provide clients or prospective clients with projections on performance and hard evidence to build the most meaningful KPIs around!


Competitor analysis

We apply the same approach to market and competitor research – our opportunity to get an intimate understanding of your business, its particular status within your industry and (crucially) the off-site SEO strategies of your competitors.

We combine this understanding into an effective off-site SEO strategy of link-earning and activity that drives positive visibilty in the places your brand needs to be in order to achieve financially-significant search engine rankings.

We employ an integrated range of link building tactics that ‘earns’ brand trust and SEO authority towards a domain to increase the most commercial rankings.

These include but are not limited to:

• Content or inbound marketing
Online PR
• Blogger and influencer outreach
• Link Metrics and Link Footprint Analysis
• Competitor analysis

Aside from creative initiatives we develop for all campaigns, we also look to increase brand awareness, make the most of relationships and other opportunities stemming from all your marketing activities – harnessing every opportunity to gain maximum organic search benefit from everything you do to promote your business.

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