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Google Display Network (GND) and Remarketing

Build your brand with unmissable display advertising and remarketing!

Effective use of the Google Display Network (and indeed other display ad platforms) is all about making sure your brand is seen in all the right places – and at the right time.

At Blueclaw we make sure that your ad’s visuals, calls to action, targeting and bidding are perfectly aligned to capture customer attention – and spend.

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Testing Testing Testing..

We adopt rigorous testing and refinement processes, ensuring all variables are adjusted to optimise adverts from the earliest stages, improving your speed to serious profitability.

Human Insight – Superior Results

Display advertising can be hard to master – there are many ways that companies can and do waste investment.


That’s why our a team develops and implements strategy based on real insight into your customers and the many and varied ways to continuously improve performance of each and every ad.


So – though we intelligently make use of industry standard tools (and a few we’ve developed ourselves), if you manage your campaigns in partnership with us you’ll experience the ROI that comes from truly hands-on advertising strategy.


When it comes to remarketing tactics, GDN gives companies the opportunity to re-engage with customers who have perhaps dropped out of the check-out process or have simply browsed products before leaving the site. It is a hugely effective way of converting otherwise missed opportunities.

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