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If you don’t have a mobile SEO strategy – you don’t have an SEO strategy at all

A mobile search is (usually) a search with intent. Earning the attention of customers with a mobile-first strategy is one of the most profitable pursuits in SEO.

In a competitive marketplace, simple factors like a touchscreen navigation and speedy page loading – making use of developments like Accelerated Mobile Pages or even Progressive Web Apps  can drastically shape your site’s user experience – and rankings – especially now that Google’s mobile index is here.

Mobile has become the primary screen for customers – it must become your priority too.

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Mobile Responsive Website Optimisation

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If your current site is not ready for Google’s Mobile Index, Blueclaw can help.

Google is changing.

The use of the mobile index is being rolled out – meaning that Google evaluates your site’s relevance, authority and usability based on crawling its mobile version.

This is a massive shift – as many mobile sites have less content than their desktop counterparts, or perform more poorly in speed tests.

In short, mobile SEO is utterly critical to protecting and perfecting your search engine visibility – and there are massive opportunities for companies who understand its importance.

In terms of design, mobile-responsive sites utilise the same code on the same page URLs across both desktop and mobile versions, using CSS to change how the page is rendered across the range of different devices.

The advantages from a user experience perspective are unambiguous, but there are a number of plus points for SEO too.

As responsive sites are easy to maintain, they reduce scope to create damaging duplicate content. As they only present one set of URLs to search engine crawlers, they are easy for search engines to decipher and index – meaning you get the rankings you deserve, and customers who are in the mood to buy can find your products and services at the right moment.

Whatever your starting point with mobile SEO – we have you covered.

The Fact is, Many Sites Remain Unoptimised or Under Optimised for Mobile

Optimising for mobile SEO is a necessity – not a consideration.

Blueclaw’s  approach  to  mobile SEO  includes  the following factors:

  • Forensic audits of mobile performance and competitor benchmarking in SEO and usability
  • Systematic crawl tests to ensure indexation of all content
  • Continuous optimisation in line with the ever-evolving algorithms of all major search engines, and methods of displaying search results on mobile
  • Mobile-first content and keyword strategy, rooted in the most commercial terms used by mobile searchers in your specific industry
  • Site speed optimisation and mobile UX.
  • Analysis of mobile audiences and keywords that show ‘intent to buy’ to capture customers on-the-go

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