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Our team has a robust track record of delivering multilingual SEO campaigns that go beyond a simple translation job.

Our organic search marketing experience extends beyond the UK. We also have a proven track record of successful multilingual SEO campaigns.

The very makeup of our team is international, but we don’t just speak different languages ­we also speak sense. We know the markets we work in and know that it’s not always just about Google. We strive to economise and streamline our multilingual SEO campaigns to benefit our clients by identifying and exploiting commonalities and synergies across markets.

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Economical Multilingual Content Strategy

Although all markets are different, at Blueclaw we know that you don’t always need completely separate content ideas across every territory.

We develop content strategies that work across several territories, adapting or evolving individual content pieces for each. This saves time and gives us room to fit in well-­timed and well­-targeted market-­specific content around any universal content we develop.

Native-­Level Language Resources

With our extensive links in the international digital world and with higher education institutions in Leeds, we’re equipped to cater to any of your language requirements. Our office is also multilingual, with native-­level Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, French, Polish, Cantonese and Mandarin speakers.

Marketplace Understanding and Sustainability

Our team are tasked with keeping abreast of the very latest developments in search in their respective markets.

Keeping our knowledge up to date in every market keeps us ahead of the curve and helps us deliver sustainable campaigns that will continue to work for our clients beyond the point of delivery. Also see our free search marketing learning guides, white-papers and tools.

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