Off-Site SEO

No longer restricted to old school link-­building, off-site SEO is now encompasses PR, content marketing and more

Off-site SEO is about quality, topicality and authority. Nothing is more effective than earning the right links from the right media outlets, influencers and publishers to lift rankings and displace competitors.

Off-site SEO to a large extent still comes down to getting the right type of links pointing to your site to communicate to search engines that, of all other other possible answers to a user’s query, your site is indeed the most useful.

While in previous years, search engines were notoriously bad at differentiating between (for example) a link within a paid advertorial and a legitimate piece of news coverage, today the landscape is very different.

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Content Led Link Earning and Brand Engagement

SEO Process

Google, Bing and other search engines have become very accurate indeed at identifying spammy or toxic links that do not have a real reason for existing – and sites (and brands) of all sizes have had to deal with the consequences of Google penalties received for unnatural link profiles.

It’s for this reason that as a search-led digital marketing agency, Blueclaw has, over the past 6+ years become an extremely effective content marketing and PR agency.

That’s because the links earned from media outreach, viral stories and influencer marketing have the greatest SEO impact.

We focus on building links from the mainstream and industry media outlets and blogs that are of genuine interest to your target audience that will achieve high rankings and, crucially, cement them for the long-­term.

Understanding the art of the possible, setting realistic targets and developing strategies that will result in financially impactful outcomes is the basis of truly effective off-site SEO.

Keyword Research is Conducted at the Outset of the Campaign

It is regularly refreshed to ensure that the progress is maintained. It’s vital to take an objective approach to keywords –  the keywords that you might think of as driving your most profitable traffic are not as effective as you might think. We remove all ambiguity to uncover the keyword terms that matter.

From there, we look at the type of links required that will give your site a topical boost, allowing you to rank more effectively for the target keywords.

Earning links to your site from sites who already rank well for these terms is a great way of getting your site ‘in the mix’ with the most competitive of keyword rankings.

Competitor SEO Analysis and Replica Links

As part of our deep-dive research into the SEO landscape, we assess the off-site SEO strategies of your competitors to identify successful and not-so-successful strategies.

In addition to allowing us to make assessments about what is specifically required in off-site SEO to outrank your rivals, competitor analysis identifies the links and coverage that they have earned.


As a result, we generate a hitlist of topical and authoritative news outlets, influencers, blogs and more that should be open to featuring your brand and linking to your site.

After all, if they link to your competitors, a great piece of content marketing should unlock a great brand mention and a followed link to your site too.


We combine this understanding into an effective off-site SEO strategy of link-earning and activity that drives positive visibilty in the places your brand needs to be in order to achieve financially-significant search engine rankings.

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