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Technical SEO is the keystone of organic performance. With Blueclaw, you’re in safe hands

An effective SEO strategy is based on deep technical insight, locked on to your business goals.

Across all aspects of on-site SEO – from topical content performance, site speed and semantic markup to complete site migrations – the Blueclaw team can help.

Our technical experts identify, analyse and act to continuously improve all aspects of on-page SEO to increase rankings, boost visibility and deliver profitable traffic to your business.

We are committed to delivering straightforward, accountable and effective on-site SEO strategies for our clients, rooted in technical excellence and a relentless focus on the ultimate goal – sales, enquiries and conversions.

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SEO Process

On-site SEO: measured and managed.

Balancing the dual requirements of a usable, engaging and brand-boosting website with the superior technical performance for needed to drive SEO visibility can be a challenge for international brands and challengers alike.

To maximise SEO opportunities, a genuine understanding of how to tackle the architecture of complex sites and communicate this in the clearest possible way to search engines is needed – all without sacrificing usability and design

The Blueclaw Discovery Phase consists of an exhaustive on-site technical, architectural and content audit to uncover all opportunities, risks and action points to develop a confident and scalable future strategy.

The result is a clear and objective overview of your on-site SEO health and potential that underpins a bespoke strategy that increases business-critical search rankings, while giving you the clarity you need to move ahead of competitors.

Superior SEO is Never Accidental

Blueclaw on-site SEO strategy is based on practical goals, in-depth research and an assessment of the ranking targets that are most financially significant to your business.

Our measured and managed on-page SEO service includes:

  • Comprehensive audits, competitor analysis, benchmarking and commercial strategy.
  • Keyword-driven content strategy, with training and guidelines specific to your company.
  • Site structure optimisation to ensure that your site is indexed and understood correctly by search engines – with no broken links or dead ends.
  • Mobile and technical performance – optimisation of site elements to maximise performance on mobile for faster loading, better user experience and higher rankings as a result.
  • Structured data such as Schema.org, Microformats, RDFa and Microdata to allow for machine­-readable semantic mark­up to be added to your site content. This gives search engines a chance to crawl and index your content, taking note of keywords while also understanding the context and intent of your pages.
  • Rich Snippet optimisation: including structured data results in your search engine results listings including richer information (such as review stars, images and more detailed information) – while not a direct ranking factor, they can increase click through rates and increase your prominence in the SERPs. We’ll ensure that your site is taking advantage of this opportunity wherever possible.

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