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Influencers hold the attention of your customers - transform them into your brand advocates with Blueclaw

Influencer marketing gets your brand closer to customers by building relationships with the personalities who they already trust, follow, listen to and learn from.

From bloggers, vloggers, micro-celebrities and Instagrammers to journalists, reviewers and niche social clusters, the definition of an influencer is pretty wide, and the potential to capitalise on their ability to maintain an audience is just as broad.

By connecting with influencers in a meaningful way, there are real opportunities to give your products, services and brand a major signal boost – all while supporting your organic PR and SEO.

However, at a time when bedroom bloggers are overselling their influence, advertising standards are increasingly rigorous and audiences are lost just as easily as they are won if an influencer becomes too ‘commercial’, there are many issues to navigate in order to generate a scalable – and profitable – influencer marketing strategy.

The Blueclaw team is accustomed to cutting through the hype and carefully navigating the influencer marketing landscape to negotiate complementary relationships with influencers that take your story further.

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What is an Influencer?

Put simply, an influencer is someone who has an influence on an audience’s behaviour. This could be a celebrity, TV personality, a journalist or, increasingly,  a blogger or social superstar who has attracted a valuable online following.


We apply rigorous scrutiny of all metrics from legitimate social followings and domain authority to column-inches-earned and measurable engagement to settle on the most appropriate individuals to work with on behalf of our clients.

Critically, they have a reputation within their industry or niche and are highly recognisable among an important segment of customers.

In Today's Digital Landscape, Trust is a Commodity

It’s a bit of a cliché but customers genuinely are more informed than at any time before, and they (we) value the ability to conduct research, evaluate products and come to independent conclusions about buying decisions.


In this process, your traditional promotional may not have much of an impact at all, particularly when the decision to buy is a personal (and pricy) one.


Whether they realise it or not, customers are taking on the advice of influencers all the time – and applying your brand to these trusted relationships can deliver significant rewards in terms of brand visibility, traffic, shares and SEO-friendly links to your site from on-topic domains.


We have an enormous range of influencer and media connections across a wide range of industries – so we can give you a head start in finding the influencers that will have the greatest impact on your digital strategy and financial performance.


Beyond our established network, our social & PR team constantly add to our database of potential influencers, creating new relationships and finding new ways to engage and intelligently incentivise influencers to further the business goals of our clients.


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