Our desire to interact and share content online has led to careers being built from Instagram followings and businesses catapulting their brands in front of millions. Are you part of the dialogue?

Social media has become increasingly important for brands at both the research and retention stage of the customer relationship. Brands now need to have a defined voice and a strategy in place to build a larger audience and increase engagement.

At Blueclaw we focus on helping brands develop their online profiles and utilise content assets across multiple channels for optimum ROI.

Social Media

1. Auditing and Strategy

By identifying what is trending and going viral, as well as what has the potential to be amplified, we understand what the social community wants. By creating social strategies that complement search marketing, we not only generate powerful SEO results, but create positive brand associations for our clients.
Through brand monitoring and keyword tracking, we consistently keep our finger on the pulse and highlights key opportunities to clients. Using a variety of tools such as Buffer, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Buzzsumo and Brandwatch, we are proactively engaging in social listening.

2. The Benefits

Users tend not to engage with a company without the expectation that they will receive something in return, whether it is a discount, offer or simple acknowledgement. We know how effectively generating engagement can ensure brand loyalty.
Not only does social media offer businesses a vital opportunity to communicate directly with consumers; it is a valuable tool in increasing brand visibility. We understand what is required to set your social media strategy apart from others and give your team the confidence to effectively interact with your audiences.