Our PR team is also our social media team. Should it really be any other way?

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PR and social media strategy are core components of our digital service. Media relations and social amplification is key to making your content marketing go further, earning top tier coverage to boost your SEO strategy and fueling customer engagement to build your audience.

The online PR and social landscape is full of opportunities to uncover customers you really care about, to win them over by partnering up with the influencers they pay most close attention to and explore scarily well-targeted paid social advertisements.

However, you want to build your brand in the media or online, we have the connections, processes and strategies to succeed in your industry.


Expertly-executed media outreach wins top PR coverage while taking digital strategy to new heights

We’re a rare breed – a digital agency that truly understands media relations, outreach and the art of persuasion.

The fact is, creating solid relationships with media outlets, blogs and influencers is fundamental to making sure that the content marketing has reach, social media strategy engages and SEO-bolstering links to your site are earned.

Our focus on the human and relationship aspects of digital marketing is why our client campaigns go further, accomplish more and hit new levels of ROI.


We have earned high referral traffic, top PR Coverage and high authority links on the following publications:

examples brands of earned links and pr coverage


Media coverage and outreach

Media coverage and outreach that provides measurable value to online marketing strategy takes a creativity, energy, customer insight and a digital-first mindset.

Too many content, social and link-earning strategies suffer from lacklustre promotion.

They lack the energy, passion and personality needed to get your brand in front of the audiences that matter, in the high-quality online publications that pass on game-changing SEO value to your site.

At Blueclaw we’re passionate about telling your story while also applying the qualitative, organic strategies to coverage that search engines reward in rankings.

We take a joined-up approach to identify the industry and mainstream publications and other outlets that will add the most value, and a have developed an enormously effective approach to earn coverage.

Unlike in traditional PR, we focus on coverage that will deliver long-term value on multiple levels – brand visibility, SEO, customer engagement and sales.

Our team of media relations and outreach specialists are constantly creating new connections with journalists and influencers, using the most powerful PR methodologies and tools to, yes, earn nice column inches but (most importantly) boost rankings and engagement.


Blueclaw’s media relations & outreach service includes:

• Integrated PR and digital strategy
• Link-earning and SEO outreach supported by great content
• Pre-outreach of concepts to journalists and influencers to refine content marketing
• Press release management
• Complete reporting of coverage value across audience, SEO and engagement metrics


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