A - Z of Blueclaw

Sally Ward

A - Z of Blueclaw

Attitude – Blueclaw always takes a positive mental attitude making sure the job gets done.

Blueclawians and benefits – We hire great people and offer great benefits. Staff old and new can be seen at the pub on a Friday after the early 4.30pm finish. Not the only benefit, there’s healthcare, birthday half day and a good curry night every now and again to name a few.

Creative content campaigns – We love a good creative content campaign and we’re good at them too! The whole Blueclaw clan come together to create something that is not only beautiful but is useful to our clients and provides results.

Data crunching – You can’t do SEO without data, whether we’re crunching the data for reports or for our next big content campaign, our data analyst team love getting stuck into the numbers.

Enthusiastic – Our team are raring to go and give 100% everyday.

Forward thinking – Always preparing for the next Google update and thinking of how we can optimise our clients’ sites beyond the average.

Google Premier Partner – Blueclaw are a Google Premier Partner and we’re proud of this. With a personal Google Account Manager, it gives us access to data not every agency can get.

Holistic approach – We look at the bigger picture and include everyone in our campaigns.  Everything and everyone is considered to get the most out of projects.

Integrity – We’re honest and have strong moral principles. If something isn’t working, we’ll be honest, change strategy and keep working until results are achieved.

Journey – Let us take you on a journey, whether it’s as a member of the team or a client. We’ll develop and grow together with great results along the way.

Keywords – At the centre of what we do, keywords are a really important part of our monitoring, reporting and day to day work. Getting sites in the right positions for the right keywords.

Link building –  Another important part of what we do, our PR team are always on the case looking for links to build in order to push authority through to our clients’ sites.

Marketing – Blueclaw service offering – we love a content marketing campaign.

Noise – We like making a noise! Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of the office or creating something awesome.

Outreach – There’s no point in creating something great unless you’re going to shout about it. Our PR team do a fantastic job of contacting key online publications and building those all important links and relationships.

PPC – Another one of our services. Working closely with the data analyst team, our PPC department know how to optimise an Adwords account.

Quality – “If you’re going to do something, do it properly” At Blueclaw, we believe in quality.

Reporting – Monthly reports go to all our clients, and constant monitoring of sites means our reporting is clear and tailored to what our clients need.

Search with Substance – Our motto, we don’t just do, we go the extra mile.

Thinking outside the box – Why be ordinary? Our idea sessions include as many different team members as possible so we can really think outside the box and bounce off each other to get the best ideas.

Unique – One of a kind. A great bunch of different personalities that work well together creating results.

Value – We aim to offer value in everything we do and we value our clients!

Work hard play hard – As I’ve already mentioned, a trip to the local pub on a Friday after an early finish is where you’ll find us most Fridays (after a hard working week of course!). We also like a Curry night, or an afternoon tea every now and again. Not forgetting our hard core daily 10am coffee crew.

e- Xperts – We hire good people, who know what they’re doing. Experts in every department means we only offer the best service.

Yesterday – Bit of a cheesy one but yesterday is when you should have got in touch! Whether you want to become part of the Blueclaw Clan or require our services, get in touch to find out more about us.

Zoning in on opportunities – Always looking for the opportunities, always ready to take them.




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