Different Types of Creative Content to Engage Your Audience


Different Types of Creative Content to Engage Your Audience

With over 2.7 billion people on the internet, it is not always easy to get your content seen, and even if you manage to get it seen at all, there is no guarantee it will be shared. A study from the New York Times found that 73% of people share content because it helps them connect to others who share the same interests, whereas 68% share because it is a great way to give people a better sense of who they are and what they actually care about.

Content marketing is now a huge part of the digital industry, and we probably don’t realise just how much content we view on a daily basis. The word content is often used to simply refer to blog posts and articles, written and put up on a blog, but there are actually many different types of content and it is important to match the right type of content to the topic and audience you are writing for.


A simple blog post or news article can often be the simplest way to convey your information or inform the reader about your topic in the easiest way. Be sure to plan your article out and use a good structure to ensure your article is interesting and engaging. A great tip is to include a statistic in your first sentence.


Lists may seem like an obvious and boring suggestion, but research has shown that people are more likely to click on headlines that involve numbers and suggest a list of useful information. Once you have got someone to click on your headline, then you have completed half the battle. In a world where time is money, an easily digestible list is going to be preferable to a chunky block of text, as they are easy to view and read. This list about duct tape uses is to the point, digestible and interesting, as we all have a roll of duct tape lying around somewhere:


A fantastic way to create content is by getting your target audience involved from the offset. Surveys and quizzes will generate data and information that you can use to write up further reports and informative articles and therefore create automatic links between the two pieces of content. People love getting involved and finding out new and interesting things about themselves, and through these quizzes and surveys you can collect some great statistics to use in your campaign.



Videos are becoming increasingly popular at the moment, and there are a couple of different ways to really utilize them well. They are fantastic to use as link bait as they are easy to make and share.  Videos can be funny, entertaining or simply useful and educational; they can drive great amounts of traffic and provide great opportunity to appear in the SERPS. This dancing pony video from the “three” network gained over 7 million views:


“A picture can say 1000 words”. Never underestimate the power of images; they can drive hundreds of visitors to your site. Images are often the reason people visit websites, so they can see what they are buying or find more images similar to the one they have seen. Images can come in many different forms, whether they are a cartoon, meme or photo – find out what works best for your industry and brand.


Competitions are a brilliant way to not only generate huge amounts of traffic, but also to generate links. The most creative way to think of a competition idea is to come up with an entry method involving entrants creating their own content in order to win. The content they create can be anything from videos to blog posts – as long as your prize is good enough, you will be onto a winner here.

According to recent survey results from SocialToaster, 90% of social media experts agreed that pictures were most likely to be shared. This falls in line with data collected on Facebook by SocialBakers, who found that photos were by far the most engaging content on Facebook.

So next time you think about your editorial calendar or creative content, think about what you want the end result to be and what you can do to stand out and really gain the attention of internet users who will be waiting to share your content.



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