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Blueclaw PR outreach earns coverage, while winning the media links that add rocket fuel to your SEO

We’re a rare breed – a true digital agency that truly understands media relations, outreach and the art of persuasion.

Building solid relationships with media outlets, blogs and influencers is fundamental to making sure that content marketing reaches the right audience, your social media strategy gathers steam and that your off-site SEO strategy is fuelled by the strongest, most topical and most authoritative links to your site.

Our focus on the human and relationship aspects of digital marketing is why our client campaigns go further, accomplish more and hit new levels of ROI.

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Media relations is the missing link in many online strategies.

It requires tenacity, connections and a digital-first mindset. Great content marketing and beautiful design go nowhere without a delivery mechanism

Too many digital campaigns lack the energy, passion and personality needed to get your brand message in front of the audiences that matter, or featured in the high-quality online publications that pass on game-changing SEO value to your site.

At Blueclaw we’re passionate about telling your story while also applying the qualitative methodologies that earn media coverage in the places your brand needs to be.

That starts from curating a media list prioritised by audience and SEO value, and continues with a joined-up approach to content creation and media relations that encompasses direct outreach to journalists over the phone, via comprehensive press packs, social engagement and much more.

In short, our PR services do everything you’d expect from a traditional agency – but with a relentless focus on KPIs that will move the needle in digital performance.

Traditional PR has reached its limit

Unlike traditional PR agencies, we focus on coverage that will deliver long-term value on multiple levels – brand visibility, SEO, customer engagement and sales.

An off-site SEO strategy isn’t truly complete unless it has an organic, PR-based strategy to earn links – and media relations and outreach is a huge part of that puzzle.

Our team of media relations and outreach specialists are constantly creating new connections with journalists and influencers across a wide range of industries, using the most powerful PR methodologies and tools to, yes, earn nice column inches but (most importantly) boost rankings and engagement.


The value of genuine organic coverage and resonance cannot be over-stated in today’s digital landscape. With so many competitors each trying to out-do the other, search engines reach for quality, authority and authenticity to determine rankings.

Blueclaw’s media relations & outreach service includes:

  • Integrated PR and digital strategy
  • Link-earning and SEO outreach supported by great content
  • Pre-outreach of concepts to journalists and influencers to refine content marketing
  • Press release management
  • Complete reporting of coverage value across audience, SEO and engagement metrics

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