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There’s more to paid search than AdWords – Shopping feeds and ad extensions get you in front of customers who are ready to buy

Fear of Missing Out (or FOMA) is a pretty powerful feeling.

In PPC many marketers experience an anxiety that their profitable AdWords strategies could be performing better. In many cases – they’re absolutely right.

Across Google, Bing and the myriad of paid social channels, there’s an ever evolving range of ways to target your perfect audience of potential customers.

Shopping feeds and ad extensions in particular are valuable routes to profitable traffic – and we can help.

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Google Shopping and Ad Extensions

For ecommerce companies, Google Shopping and ad extensions present an especially exciting range of exciting advertising opportunities, operational in over 20 countries worldwide.

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With richer product information like product name, images, price and business name, there’s greater scope to give browsers the information they need to buy – and occupy more space on the search engine results page than competitors.


At Blueclaw we’ve been running Shopping campaigns (previously known as Product Listing Ads) from the very beginning and along the way have developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of positional strategy and unique bidding to deliver the best returns.


Bing and Google Ad Extensions provide information that helps search engine users to make a decision to buy from your company – this can be information about your company, location and contact details with some information curated by you, and some automatically drawn from other data sources.

What Are The Advantages?

Whatever your industry, we can help your products find their new owners. However the giants of PPC evolve, our clients are always updated with the information and options that best fit their business model.

There are clear advantages to giving search engines and their users more information about you, your company and products, such as:

  • Ad extensions and Shopping feeds maximise your on-page presence – they take up more space, displace competitors and provide to enhance your brand while also driving clicks.
  • Enhanced value:  extensions and feeds make your existing ads go further, by adding contextual information that helps the right users make a decision to explore your service, while saving your budget by giving people who aren’t potential customers the information they need not to click.
  • New ways for customers to buy – extra info means potential customers can engage with your ad in ways that they wouldn’t normally – for example by making call to you directly, or clicking one of several links in your ad – the one that gives them exactly the information they need to do business with you.

Our managed Shopping Feed and Ad Extension service includes:

  • Product feed setup, including custom ad bidding strategies for each product line and service
  • Ad extension setup and curation to maximise visibility in search engine results
  • Sophisticated segmentation to increase ad relevancy, lower cost per click and continuously improve ROI

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