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Content Marketing, Digital PR, Design and Development

Part of the TUI group, Crystal Ski are one of the UK’s leading ski holiday travel operators, offering amazing winter experiences to holidaymakers for over 35 years. However, even with such an established brand there are opportunities to engage new audiences.

To enhance Crystal Ski’s brand visibility and earn SEO-boosting backlinks, we partnered up with the Met Office to create an irresistible content marketing campaign that predicted the chances of a white Christmas across the UK, while highlighting notable winters of years past: Remember That December?

The Objective

This content marketing and digital PR campaign was designed to capitalise on the British obsession with weather in order to win coverage and brand visibility for Crystal Ski and SEO-boosting

Outreach for this interactive asset was focused on regional press, nationals and weather-watchers

The Solution

An interactive micro-site filled with Met Office data, historical insights and engaging visuals, Remember That December allowed visitors from across the UK to explore the chance of a white Christmas in their area. We knew that if local audiences would be interested, journalists writing for them would be too.

We chose to focus on the emotional, nostalgia and local interest to generate hooks for the media that would expand the audience far beyond ski enthusiasts.

This approach, coupled with the instant boost provided by the Met Office’s participation, led to significant coverage and multiple opportunities to earn links.

PR outreach for this interactive asset was focused on regional press, nationals and weather-watchers, earning a spread of topical and authoritative links, and lots of brand mentions in high-readership publications.

Our Results

Exceptional results were seen for this campaign as the idea of a white Christmas touched customers on a personal and nostalgic level, taking them back to their
childhood and the snowy Christmases they remember.

The Blueclaw team significantly met the numerical goals for this campaign and achieved excellent, on-target local PR coverage and regional links.

Remember That December 01

40+ backlinks earned

25+ referring domains

Met Office endorsement

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