A Partnership with the Met Office - Content Marketing Work

A Travel Focused Content Marketing Campaign - Remember that December?


We capitalised on Britain’s obsession with weather to win coverage and brand visibility for Crystal Ski and SEO-boosting backlinks.

Collaborating with the Met Office, Blueclaw’s Remember That December predicted snowfall across the UK’s different regions while highlighting notable winters of years past.

Outreach for this interactive asset was focused on regional press, nationals and weather-watchers.

Quality Ideation – One of the biggest points of pride for Blueclaw is our ability for detailed and creative ideation. We create rock-solid ideas that completely satisfy the content campaign’s aims, with a strong focus on what we call the ‘intangibles’ – emotion and instinct.

For instance, with ‘Remember that December’, the idea of a white Christmas touches customers on a personal and nostalgic level, taking them back to their childhood and the snowy Christmases they remember.

From this point, it’s only a short jump to recreating that same emotion in the influencers and journalists we speak to.



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