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When we discovered the astonishing sum of money Her Majesty the Queen had won from her ownership of racehorses, we knew there was a story we could use to boost the media coverage and SEO performance of our client, MyRacing.

Confident in the strength of the hook, we put the findings into a data-packed press release and fired it out to every single royal editor listed in our little black book – with some astonishing results that resulted in a big win at the 2018 European Search Awards.

The Objective

MyRacing approached Blueclaw with the goal of creating a campaign that would win first class coverage and generate top-tier links.

The Solution

To meet the goals in place, the Blueclaw team set out to capitalise on the International interest in the Queen and her finances in order to win first class coverage – and links – for the client. Sourcing publicly accessible data and speaking with our trusted insider experts, we published 30 years of her Majesty’s winnings from horse racing, going vital in a big way through targeted press releases, PR and outreach.

Our Results

Within 20 minutes of revealing that the Queen had won at least £7 million from her involvement in horse racing, the Daily Mail, The Times, The Mirror and The Telegraph were in touch.
To meet their print deadline, we were busy well into night sourcing additional quotes and providing assistance where required. The next 3 days were a whirlwind of PR and link earning success, and what started with the four UK nationals quickly grew..and grew…and grew…

By the time coverage had started to slow down, we had tracked over 120 top tier links with over 25,000 social shares. All of this coverage was won based purely on the right data-driven content marketing at the right time – and a lot of tenacity from our PR team.

Without the need for a specific on-site content marketing asset, all links simply pointed to the root domain of our client, MyRacing for maximum SEO value.


710% Increase in Search Visibility

10x Increase in Keyword Rankings

120+ Links Earned

The link equity soon kicked in and the MyRacing site experienced a huge uplift in their top 20 ranking keywords and overall search engine visibility.

The icing on the cake was the campaign being recognised at the 2018 European Search Awards for Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign – a great result!

The passion for all things Royal translated into coverage (and SEO-boosting links) from:

  • Harpers Bazaar
  • Business Insider
  • Huffington Post (Canada, Japan and Italy)
  • CNN
  • Yahoo Travel and Leisure
  • The Independent
  • AOL
  • The Mirror
  • Vogue
  • The Irish Mirror
  • …and many more

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