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Paid search is the fastest path to your ideal customers - experience game-changing ROI with Blueclaw PPC

There’s no substitute for having the insider PPC knowledge to profitably compete in your industry, or the all-important ability to craft attractive ad copy and calls to action that bring the right customers to your door.

Going from good to great in paid search (PPC), display or social media advertising depends on the guiding hand of experts who know your industry and the messaging that compels potential customers to take action.

A Google Premier Partner, Blueclaw’s PPC team manages hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of spend for national, international and start-up clients, applying complete technical understanding and bidding methodologies, always with the guiding hand of a dedicated, named, PPC strategist.

Game-changing ROI comes from the perfect application of data and technology with the human factor of persuasive, intelligently-targeted ad copy.

Our PPC management service includes data-driven strategy, proactive bid management, robust testing and remarketing – all with conversion rate optimisation and sales-first-focus in mind.

In international ecommerce giants and startups alike, ROI from PPC is what keeps many marketers awake at night.

Our total focus on delivering quality and quantity of web traffic means that we’re experts in making your investment go as far as it can – continuous testing and refinement for maximum results.


Robust PPC Audits

An essential pit-stop on the road to building a successful PPC campaign, our expert team ensures maximum efficiency taking a truly in-depth look at campaigns, ad groups, account settings and timings, before presenting findings in an easily actionable report. We don’t just lift the bonnet, we check every nut and bolt.

The process involves potentially merging or splitting campaigns as well as ad groups for ease of reporting and ensuring keywords are targeted to the most relevant ad copy.

All our findings are compiled into a report, and we offer further telephone support as required.

Put us to the test today – our paid media team is ready to get to grips with your most difficult PPC challenges.

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