Google Penalty Removal

Any brand can find itself with a Google penalty - the Blueclaw team is here to diagnose, treat and recover your SEO health

Algorithmic filters and manual penalties seriously impact your site visibility. We can help you get back on track, and back in Google's good books.

Recent years have seen Google release algorithm updates that have cute names – Panda and Penguin, to name but two – but they have devastating results for many brands online. Big or small, the axe can fall if your SEO strategy has been in breach of Google’s shifting guidelines.

SEO has changed; there are no two ways around it.

Practices which used to yield great success could now relegate your site to the lower depths of Google’s search result pages, even if you have since cleaned up your game.

Quality, not quantity is the mantra for SEO in 2018 – but to get back on track, those Google penalties will first need to be removed.

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Link Removal Campaigns

SEO Process

While there are no immediate fixes to remove penalties, a sustained process of cleaning up your site’s link profile by removing links that no longer fit with Google’s standards, disavowing links you cannot remove is a great start.

Google and other search engines are all about providing users with the right answers to search engine users – penalising a quality site forever doesn’t serve that aim so making an evidence-based reconsideration request will frequently lead to the penalty being revoked.

Link removal is a skilled task which requires detailed analysis and a systematic approach – and has to come prior to the use of Google’s Disavow Tool or any reconsideration request to the search engine.

Blueclaw has successfully removed penalties for clients in a number of sectors, including from ecommerce to property, and particularly in challenging niches such as sports, betting and iGaming.

Panda Penalty Content Audits

Your link profile may be beyond reproach, but if Google suspects your content is written or structured in such a way to game their systems, you can receive a hefty slap in the form of a Panda penalty.

How to Remove a Google Penalty

To remove a Google penalty, you need to understand the penalty that has applied, when and why.


Blueclaw’s approach to removing such a penalty is to perform a deep dive content audit, taking in considerations such as keyword density, cloaking, duplicate content and over-optimisation of both on-­page content and factors such as page titles and headers.


If you’re uncertain as to whether your site has a penalty and of what type, or would like to understand if it is at risk because of its link profile, then please get in touch for a free consultation.

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