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Inventor of the internet, Tim Berners­-Lee has described the semantic web as a major component of “Web 3.0”, the next big step forwards in online technology. Big players in the search arena see it as a means to close the comprehension gap between the way that search engines and its users interpret content on the web. So how can you harness this powerful tool and ensure that your online properties stay ahead of the curve?

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Structured Data:, Microformats, RDFa and Microdata

Structured data such as, Microformats, RDFa and Microdata extend the HTML syntax to allow for machine­-readable semantic mark-­up to be added to your site content.

This gives search engines a chance to not only crawl and index your online content, taking note of keywords and other traditional HTML signifiers of relevance, but to understand the context and intent of your pages.

Some common implementations include: Your ‘NAP’ (name, address, phone), specific business details, reviews, articles, events, products, people, organisations, recipes.

So how can we help?

We Analyse Your Site for Opportunities

We understand the current possibilities and limitations of structured data and will analyse your site’s content and pages to draw up a list of possible implementations.

Whether it’s a simple case of rolling out richer region-­specific information to help your local searches or a comprehensive integration of data into your in­-depth article content or products.

Rich Snippets

While not a direct ranking factor, including richer information such as reviews and images can increase click through rates and increase your prominence in the SERPs. We’ll ensure that your site is taking advantage of this opportunity wherever possible.

Provide Implementation Support

The syntax for this kind of data can be confusing. To ensure that it’s properly implemented we can mark­-up specific pages with all the appropriate data, or provide templates and examples for you to deploy across your site.


Whether you’re new to structured data or have existing examples already on your sites, we’ll test every implementation to ensure that the data is correctly formatted and interpreted by search engines.

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