Local SEO

Think big by going local. Local SEO has evolved – has your strategy kept pace?

1 in 5 Google search queries are location-specific. Are you outperforming in local search?

Whether you’re a business based in a single location or have a chain of stores or network of offices – attracting customers through the door is (of course) vital.

Local SEO is the discipline of carrying out a targeted set of SEO strategies designed to drive two specific outcomes  –

  • Increased footfall – getting your ideal customers through the door and buying your products or services
  • Increased rankings – driving online sales by emphasising your local credibility and wider search engine performance

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The Local SEO Guide: From Search to Sale

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Local SEO Brings Customers to Your Door. Blueclaw Make it Happen

SEO Process

25% of business searches on Google are now location-specific – and the majority of searches are now conducted on mobile devices.

Put simply, people are searching for businesses like yours ‘in the moment’ – and there’s a limited window to capture their interest and bring them to your store, office or outlet.

A structured local SEO strategy puts you in a position to capture this business from consumers who are right on your doorstep and are ready to convert their interest into sales – often within the same day.

Successive updates to the Google search algorithm (Venice, Pigeon and Possum), as well as changes that make businesses with local credibility much more prominent in the SERPS and on Google Maps – including the famed Google ‘three-pack’ –  make local SEO a very powerful and focused approach that delivers measurable financial results.

On-site and Off-site Geographical Search Engine Optimisation

Local On-­page Optimisation – Whether you’re looking to optimise a landing page or your entire site to capture traffic from customers looking for companies with a local presence, we’ve got you covered.

From selecting priority keywords and optimising meta information to systematically managing on-­page content and NAP (name, address, phone) data, we’ll ensure that search engines – and potential customers – know you’re a trustworthy local choice.

Google MyBusiness

As part of our managed service we’ll continually update and optimise your search, Google maps and Google+ listings.


By keeping Google up to date with your details and services, you’re presenting the consistent and compelling information needed to be competitive in local search.


Staying Ahead of the Algorithm

We track search engine trends and updates to ensure that we, and our clients, are up to date on all aspects of local SEO performance and best practice –  ready to react to risk, and capitalise on opportunities to increase local SEO visibility.

Citations, Listings and Link Earning

Consistent citations and references across the most influential business listings and authoritative local sites will give your credibility – and rankings – a boost.


We ensure that your site builds up a stable, accurate and trusted profile that increases local visibility, supported by a structured plan for link-earning in local media and influencer sites.


Structured Data and Schema

The semantic approach to content will become ever more important in the future of search. In the here and now, structured data and Schema gives you the opportunity to reduce dependence on the ability of search engines to guess your local credentials – with Schema, you tell them about your local roots.

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